Photographs and Prices of Ronna's wheat weaving creations from the Pleasant Acres Ranch

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Large double wreath---$45
34" of  spiral weaving...20" around outside...14"on  inside
Approximate size...7" wide x 12" deep including beards at bottom


Small 6 straw plaited heart...5" of plaiting---$8
Medium 6 straw plaited heart...6" of plaiting---$9
Large 6 straw plaited heart...7" of plaiting---$10
Approximate width of hearts---4.5"-- 3.5"--2.5" plus heads & beards

Triple Heart W/black beards---$35
Made from each of the three different size plaited hearts

Windmill W/black beards---$22
Makes great side accents for your Terry Redlin prints or other wall hangings

Triple Heart W/plain beards---$35

Horseshoe (4-6 inches wide)---$12-$20
4" has approximately 10" of spiral weaving---$12
5" has approximately 12" of spiral weaving---$16
6" has approximately 15" of spiral weaving---$20


Music wall display---Treble clef w/flats---$50
Approximate size 6 x 14"....over 30" of spiral weaving



50th Anniversary heart cake top (8" tall)---$40
"His & Hers" wheat dolls---$30

Woven candle W/beard base---$30

Woven candle W/beard base---$30


ND plaque of dark oak w/designs of your choice (13"x22")---$95
Shown is Jeff & Krista's brand with horseshoes that your special photographs can be inserted in


ND plaque of light oak w/designs of your choice(13"x22")---$95
Shown is our G over 3 brand with horseshoe picture frame



Bouquet of 8 woven flowers in 8"spiral weave binder---$25
Makes great side accents for your Terry Redlin prints or other wall hangings

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