The Deepwater Bay Bed & Breakfast is located in the heart of North Dakota's prairie pothole region, and world famous hunting is right outside our door. Hunting opportunities are varied, beginning in early September with the deer and antelope bow season. Mid-September brings the opening of the sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge season. Waterfowl season opens near October first, and pheasant season follows soon after. The deer bow season opens the first of September and rifle hunting season begins the second weekend in November. Most of the deer in the photo section were taken within walking distance of the ranch house. Hunting is available both on and off the reservation, and your host, Arlen Gilbertson, has state non-resident hunting licenses available.  Reservation hunting licenses are available at the Three Affiliated Tribes Game & Fish office in New Town which is 35 miles from our ranch.  Contact us now to reserve your spot for next season!




Bow Hunting deer in 2009 was tougher because they were spread out in the area due to the end of the drought which meant more waterholes

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Tim from Michigan was one of the successful hunters bagging this nice 5X5 in September

He manages a smile here while we are processing it

The hard winter and poor hatch impacted pheasant numbers, but those who changed strategies from previous years still found birds.....Ronna's brother, Randy, poses with a couple nice longtails along with his labs, Beaner and Beko

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Arlen broke his pelvis and damaged ligaments in June, but was still able to climb up into the high country of the badlands to bag this 5X5 mule deer all alone


He had to leave it overnight, and get son Elmer to help get it out the next morning.....luckily the mountain lions, wolves, and coyotes had not bothered it


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Elmer puts on a seminar on how one man can load a big buck into a pickup using a calf sled and 4-wheeler ramps

 One last picture before processing....185# field dressed


2008 Bow Hunting deer continued the success that started in 2007 with some trophy bucks taken by happy guests


Scott from Michigan starts things off with this nice 3X4 buck in September


Arlen is happy to pose with Butch from Michigan with his dandy 4X4 which had a huge body as you can see

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Jack now from ND (originally with this Wisconsin/Michigan crew) makes the shot on this guy with a heavy, unusual rack....notice the extra eye guard


Butch and Jack....nice bucks for bowhunting

The whole Wisconsin-Michigan crew

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Arlen gets this one during rifle season


Ronna's brother Randy bags one of the bigger pheasants of don't see many with a tail like this


Bow Hunting deer took a definite upturn for our guests in 2007

 Adam from Washington standing by this nice 4x4 that scored 120 taken in September 2007

Darrell from New Hampshire arrowed this nice 4x4 in October 2007....looks like it might have been down by the cattails



He finally manages a smile....this deer has a large body as Darrell is 5'10" tall...he has a "did I really do this?" look in the picture to the left


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 These boys from Michigan have been here more than once to put on a Pheasant hunting seminar in November



They would give the pheasants a break to put on goose hunting seminars too



Here they have another limit of ringnecks...quite a feat for four guys on wild birds!!


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Another Michigan duo with a limit also in November



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'California Ray' had never seen a live rooster before coming....he then proceeded to fill out three days in a row which is quite a feat when hunting wild birds....he also got into some sharpies, huns, and ducks in the same time frame...definitely worthy of the top spot on the 'Legends' page



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Katya, our foreign exchange helper from Russia holding up the horns (a 3x3 and 4x4) for these September 2003 successful (and happy!!) bow hunting brothers from  MI   



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MN 'Dog Trainer Ron' with hunting buddy Brent and limit of Honkers...Ron also took a tandem of beautiful Redheads, of which one had a very old band which is visible on the leg of the bird in his right hand.  They also took home a selection of "mounter" ducks



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LATE NOVEMBER PHEASANTS!!!    These happy Colorado hunters, Bobby, Rob, & Scott,  fill out three days in a row....single digit temps and snow didn't stop sharpies and some huns too



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These happy Michigan hunters pictured with some packaged pheasants make the "legends" page for being the first December hunters we have hosted.....they found lots of pheasants and no competition...also some great weather!




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September 2002 successful (and happy!!) bow hunters from OH & MI holding the arrows that got it done 



September 2002 limit of sharptail grouse....who's proudest?? Ohio Dave or his Springer??


Check out these photos taken by Moni Wood in October, 2002 of areas that are within walking distance of the on Autumn Beauty  at its finest!!!



Pheasant Limit by 10 A.M. four days after 2002 opener brings smiles to JP's Nebraska group, and the main reason they came up was to fish walleyes



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Minnesota gets into the act with a limit of ducks of every kind and a few geese on 10/25/02



NY & PA group gets best 'Snow Shoot' of the year....lots of snows in the truck and some on the ground on October 27, 2002




11/05/02..California Boys with limit of 'Big Northern Mallards'.........A 10 on the smile and the 5 Greenies



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11/09/02...Son Elmer's second 6X5 taken 3/4 mile NW of ranch in our pasture...not many have two of these plus a 5X4 and a couple 4X4's by age 22....all taken close to the ranch and only one each year!!



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11/10/02...Elmer & friend Kyle take another trophy mossy-horned 5X5 a mile and a half south of the ranch....two bucks in two days with a mess of horns!!!  Notice the coloration of the two whitetails...the bottom one is the normal tan while the top 6X5 is the mouse color of a mule deer, yet has whitetail antlers


 The 2002 bucks look bigger hanging up



 2006 bucks again taken within a mile of the ranch...all 4x4's but notice the size difference....


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Son Elmer gets his widest rack yet, a 23" 4X4 in 2005




11/11/02...Geese are back big time!!!  Elmer & friend Dan with a bunch of honkers and a nice snow that we got this morning

Hunting Snapshots from the Deepwater Bay Bed & Breakfast

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