Arlen's "Look'n Ahead" Song

I had some thoughts about the difference between "memories" and "looking back" in the fall of 2007, and ended up with the lyrics to this song while sitting on the tractor on my birthday.  I had always incorrectly associated memories with looking back, but as I got to thinking about it, you can be looking ahead and still access memories which will also guide us as we move ahead.  I guess you could say a memory was installed by our maker for our protection, because if we had a bad experience in the past such as burning our finger on a hot stove we likely would not touch one again.  The music came from doing some experimenting on my guitar.  My cousin sang it with me and played his guitar also while we used a little "finger sized" mp3 recorder to record it.  I hope to upgrade the recording in the near future when another friend who is a great high tenor has time to jam with us.




 A Memory and Looking back

            Are two very different things            

  For memories can be our guide

  While we put our past aside

      On our journey to the promised land    


So I will sing a memory for you

Maybe you’d rather not hear

About the good times, the bad times

The hard times, and sad times

Maybe… you’d rather not hear


And it’s time for moving on

Cause nothing down here will last

Just keep looking ahead

     For that is what HE said

     And there’s danger living in the past


Our days are filled with cares

But they’re mostly thorns and tares 

Just take the time to fill your lamp

It’s the only way you’ll shine

And there’s danger living for to-day       



For some the road is long

While others have many turns

Y’know the end will be the same

For those who claim HIS name

‘Cause they kept their eyes(5) on HIM    



Oh yes, it’s time for mov’n on

Cause nothing down here will last

Just keep look’n ahead

 For that is what HE said

  And there’s danger living in the past















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