Rosie is the last puppy from Bo & Belle's last litter which was born just before Christmas of 2000. We did not have the heart to sell her, so decided to keep her for breeding as her mother Belle is now retired as a puppy factory. She has grown into an adorable dog in the twenty months since she was born. Below are some of the pictures of her taken from January, 2001 to October, 2002. We pheasant hunted with her the fall of 2001 when she was only 9 months old and she appeared to have great didn't hurt that she was following her old dad, Bo, who still loves to hunt at age 9.  She hunted again this fall, and the great thing about her is that she will hunt for anybody....not a one man dog here!!

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Cuddling after her bath

I'm only about 5 weeks old, but I'll try these stairs anyway!

3 Months old....winter in the house

3 Months old....'can't get no lower'

3 Months old....'do I really have to sit in this spot?'

8 Months old....'I love it outside now!!'

8 Months old....'I really did learn to sit good, but then I am pretty smart!!'

21Months old...pheasant hunting with good friend Keith

"ROSIE COME!" photographed by Keith's wife Moni


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