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Our Ranch is located in a scenic area of ND, but when we have lived and worked here all our lives we sometimes don't take time to stop and appreciate our surroundings.  This is an attempt to share some of the natural beauty as well as the landscaping and gardening we do.


The pictures of the flowers below were taken on some of the virgin prairie on the ranch and were likely here before man was

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 I have to look in a wildflower book to put a name on these blooms...notice how tiny they are compared to the wristwatch


 This is the ND state flower, the prairie rose with one bud ready to open and rose hips starting on ripe blooms


 Have to check the book on these tiny flowers too...always have called them bluebells



 And the same for these tiny "daisy" looking flowers


 This one I know, the Purple Coneflower (Echinacea angustifolia)



 Wild Lily, erroneously called a "Tiger Lily"


 Also a Purple Coneflower....the roots have medicinal value (Echinacea) and have been used by Native Americans for cold remedies, etc.



 Some guests that we took on a wildflower tour...this patch in the prairie is full of Purple Coneflowers

One of the signs that spring is really here are these crocuses popping up in the wild prairie



These usually show up in late March or early April, and their real name is Pasqueflower


Beauty in the sky....sunrise photographed from front deck








Beauty on the ground....you almost have to click on the photo and enlarge it to appreciate this rock


And Beauty from the sky sitting on the ground....acres of snow geese in November

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 Standing in the exact same place you see the beauty of this canola field and tree line looking this direction....which man had a hand in creating








by turning 180 degrees to look in the opposite direction you see  a ND landmark, Saddle Butte, 7 miles away across the lake and unlimited Natural Beauty


Home & Garden

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This flower bed was started in 2004 using field rock which is plentiful....the lonely apple tree will soon have lots of bedding plants for company and will be blooming a few pictures below



The rock garden provides a barrier between the parking lot and the garden


Kate from Russia looking at the bedding plants at Lowe's Gardens in Minot....Ronna and I are like kids in a candy store when we visit a greenhouse in the spring



The next spring in 2005 we added a rock loop to one side of the rock garden pictured above for a strawberry patch which Ronna and Marina from Russia are planting here


This shows the strawberry patch the year it was started as well as the flowers in the main bed



Another picture of the strawberry patch/flower bed


A 2006 picture in the flower part of the same bed



And another 2006 picture...hopefully we can get the clematis to vine around the heart


Notice how thick the strawberry patch is now complete with a guard to keep the birds out...it bore fruit from June through the middle of October



A clematis bloom in the flower bed pictured above


Moss roses...Arlen's favorite flowers as they grow in tough conditions....in rocks where there is little soil or moisture



We plant a few every year but most are from last year's seed which makes it through the winter

A close up of the moss roses....these are in the rocks shown below taken Sept 2007


Mums are late bloomers but hardy....this picture taken October 24, 2007 when most flowers in ND have succumb to frost

Large field rocks make a great natural looking  wall when landscaping slopes



The 24' X 8' flag didn't turn out so well this year as the petunias spread out too much and mixed together...it also was so dry that there wasn't enough water to keep the lawn green


You don't appreciate the size of these rocks until you put something by them for perspective....these benches are 8' wide


More shrubs and landscaping at the sign in the driveway....Katya, our first girl from Russia, with Lucky and Snickers

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 Here are the blooms on the apple tree by the rock garden....the tree variety is called "Fireside" and the apple is as fine an eating apple as there is...the tree was loaded with fruit in the fall with some almost as big as a softball



 This apple tree is in the vegetable garden and it is a cross between a yellow variety and a delicious...produces a good eating yellow apple but it has never yielded like the fireside tree



We started a new raspberry patch in 2004...it produced lots of fruit in 2006 and even more in 2007....raspberry freezer jam is one of our guest's favorite treats here


You really don't think of North Dakota and watermelons, but we raised some nice ones in 2006


Ronna picking some fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and cucumbers for the evening meal



You don't really think of North Dakota and yellow roses either, but these came from the rock garden...the melon weighed over 20 pounds and was vine-ripened delicious


Time to make some raspberry freezer jam or can some sauce which is great on ice cream




 Still getting strawberries in October when the apples were getting ripe


Fireside apples on the left and the yellow delicious on the right which are about baseball size



These are unbelievably good made from real melted Kraft caramels



This huge flowering crab in the campground area is always loaded with blooms but usually only for about a week



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